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lotr news
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This is a community for posting lotr news and associated information relating to the actors and crew involved in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Literary discussions and references to the film trilogy itself entirely permissable and on-topic but this community is more specifically aimed at keeping people up to speed with other projects (outwith lotr) that the cast or crew may be involved in.

Permitted topics include projects/films/personal appearances/tv appearances of any actors or crew involved in the trilogy - that's a fairly wide spectrum so if you spot something that interests you, then post it by all means. The community memories are a good guide as to what sort of information is usually posted.
Pictures allowed - a certain amount of fanboy/girl-ish behaviour is expected but within reason!

Slashy vibes all to the good, but bear in mind that it's not to everyone's taste.

There are no set rules in this community as common sense prevails. However, just incase you're needing guidance know this:

1) Introductory posts are not allowed. It's not that we aren't friendly, it's just that we can get to know you via your comments.
2) Poll/Quiz results are generally frowned upon. If it forms an aside to the main part of your post, then so be it. There are exceptions to this of course, usually if something is really bloody funny.
3) Pimping. This is not a place for adverts. If you're a contributing member or longtime lurker I'll cut you some slack and allow it. If you join, merely to pimp then your post will most likely be deleted.
4) Any non work-safe pictures or comments should be placed behind an lj-cut. Anything inappropriate will be deleted.
5) If there is wank, then there shall be mock.

Any problems or queries, you'll want to know these people:
Maintained by brassyn, and ably co-modded by hawleygriffen, deccasanta, snowking, wurlitzer, and despotliz - suggestions, enquiries, comments, or whatever, throw them that way.
Do feel free to post.

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